6th Project Meeting (March 9th/10th 2017)

The 6th and final project meeting of ReWoBioRef took place at one of the industrial partners Reiling Unternehmensgruppe. The first day was at Reilings headquarters in Marienfeld near Gütersloh and the second day at Reilings wood recycling plant in Bönen near Hamm. Bernhard Reiling as owner and CEO from Reiling Unternehmensgruppe welcomed the participants to the meeting personally. Bernhard Reiling gave a short overview of the history of Reiling and explained the positive impact and benefits for Reiling to participate in this project. This statement and overall view was extremely valuable to the consortium as it indicates a profound perspective of further industrial exploitation and dissemination actions.   

Technical news (January 17th 2017)

With overall higher use of wood and wooden materials in the future, the importance of recycled wood will increase. Recycled wood is currently used for the production of wood based composites and for combustion. In the future, the use of recycled wood will also be important as feedstock for biorefineries for the production of bio-based chemicals and biofuels. ReWoBioRef project exploits the technological, economic and ecological prospects for recycling wood in a steam explosion and organosolv pre-treatment process. The presence of inorganic pollutants and non-wooden material in recycled wood material was investigated. Economic analysis of lignocellulosic feedstock for a biorefinery was calculated with various price scenarios and various proportions of recycled wood instead of fresh beech chips. Read more


5th Project Meeting (September 1st/2nd 2016)

Project meeting on 1st/2nd of September 2016 in London / Uxbridge (United Kingdom) with a very good representation of the industrial partners in the consortium.  

News Release IFAT 2016 / Webinar (September 2016)

The Fraunhofer WKI participated at the IFAT in May 2016 in Munich and gave a talk on the recent status of the ReWoBioRef project. The audience was comprised of waste recycling companies, members of industrial associations, industrial and public stakeholders and others interested in value adding of recycling wood material in bio refinery processes. In June 2016, Fraunhofer WKI hosted a webinar with similar objectives and audiences.   

News Release (May 9th 2016)

The Fraunhofer WKI invites you to join the WKI-Webinar "Wirtschaftliche Nutzung von Recyclingholz in Bioraffinerien" on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 at 3:00 pm. The Webinar will be held in German by ReWoBioRef Project Coordinator Dr. Hora

For registration and further information please follow the link.

News Release (April 30th 2016)

ReWoBioRef is making good progress in delivering the project objectives and gradually is approaching the finishing line. The main current efforts are strongly focused on finalizing the milestones. The main recent findings and general conclusions of the different work packages can be followed by clicking here.

News Release (August 31st 2015)

The main objective of ReWobioRef is to explore the techno-economic feasibility, scientific requirements, and material specifications to utilise recycled waste wood in lignocellulosic (LC) biorefinery processes as an alternative feedstock source.

The secondary aim is to valorise the recycled waste wood components (cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin) for more sustainable biobased fuels, chemicals and materials.

The ReWoBioRef project addresses only recycled waste wood that has already gone through one utilisation stream and therefore is considered as secondary raw material having reached the end-of-waste criteria according to the EC waste directive. Recycled waste wood material from eleven different sources in Germany, Slovenia, Finland, and the UK has been collected and analysed. The results show that chips of recycled wood A I had higher concentrations of inorganic pollutants than softwood chips, and also some pieces of non-wood material. Read more


3rd Project Meeting (August 27th/28th 2015)

The third meeting on August 27th and 28th took place at VTT in Espoo (Finland). The postulation of the minimal quality requirements and specification of recycled wood mixtures to be further broken-down in an economic viable bio refinery process was a major achievement that was presented and discussed. The feasibility of the organosolv and alkaline oxidation pre-treatments for A I (D, A, FIN, SL) or A (UK) Recycling Wood has been revealed. A state-of-the-art economic model for secondary recycling waste wood waste chips considering e.g. different procurement and processing cost scenarios to be further processed in a LC bio refinery process was debated.

 Project meeting and partner presentation on 27th/28th of August 2015 in Helsinki (Finland)

Project consortium Meeting (January 21st/22nd 2015)

The follow-up meeting on January 21st and 22nd 2015 at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) focused mainly on the results of the material characterization of A I recycled wood compositions, including chemical and component analysis and the characterization of contaminations. Both aspects were defined as major milestones in the first quarter of the project. It has been agreed to expand the pre-treatment trials defined in WP 2 to batches of A I to A III Recycling Wood mixtures.

Project consortium meeting and partner presentation on 21st/22nd of January 2015 in Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)

Kick-off Meeting (July 2nd/3rd 2014)

ReWoBioRef has started on 1st of July 2014 and will terminate on 30th of June 2017 (36 months).

The Kick-off meeting took place on July 2nd and 3rd 2014 at Fraunhofer WKI in Braunschweig (Germany). The main objective was to present and discuss the individual workpackages among the consortium and to define the technical work for the next working period until December 2014. The major issue was to outline the selection, preparation and shipping process for the batches of A I Recycling Wood to be utilized for material analysis in WP 1 and pre-treatment experiments in WP 2.

 Participants at the Kick-off Meeting on July 2nd/3rd 2014 in Braunschweig (GERMANY)

 Participants at the Kick-off Meeting on July 2nd/3rd 2014 in Braunschweig (GERMANY)