Project overview

Randomized sampling procedure for 150 kg A I Batch for WP 2 and 3.
The project has four main focuses comprising the major milestones of the project.
  • A predominant focus is on the Characterization of recycled waste wood materials by determining the chemical and physical composition of recycled wood mixtures and identifying the selection criteria through defining the technical specifications for processing the recycled waste wood as feedstock in a biorefinery process.
  • Optimal pre-treatment technologies for deconstruction of recycled wood mixtures from different sources and grades will be developed. Ethanol based organosolv cooking and modified alkaline oxidation will be studied as potential pre-treatment methods for maximal utilisation of cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose fractions originating from the recycled waste wood. Proof-of-concept of patented syngas technology for heavily contaminated waste wood classes is foreseen.
  • The primary aim of the pre-treatment methods is to produce well hydrolysable cellulosic pulp for production of chemicals from renewable sources. In addition, the polymeric and oligomeric lignin and hemicellulose fractions derived from recyled wood mixtures will be valorised to improve the economic feasibility along the value chain.
  • A microeconomic and environmental assessments of recycled waste wood as secondary raw material in LC biorefinery processes will be performed. This step comprises a financial and LCA analysis comparing state-of-the-art with new utilisation streams for recycled wood.