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Our scientists carry out research and development work within the key competences areas energetic materials, energetic systems, applied electrochemistry, environmental engineering and polymer Engineering.

The resulting knowledge and developments are applied in four business areas: defense and security, air and space travel, automotive and transport industry, chemistry and process engineering, and energy and environment.

Developments are followed through from the initial concept via basic research to applied research and the realisation of customer-specific, pilot-level applications. Our expertise covers conception and design, product development, processing technology, material development and characterisation, and quality assurance.


Detlef Schmiedl

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Tel: +49 721 4640 747

Fraunhofer-Institute for
Chemical Technology ICT

Project assignment

  • Pre-treatment methods for recycled Wood mixtures (Work Package 2)

  • comparison of Ethanol based organosolv & alkaline oxidation with steam explosion