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Our company is a family-run recycling business. We have been collecting and recovering recyclable materials for 100 years, thus preserving natural resources and contributing to environmental and climate protection.

As recycling experts we are committed to creating an optimal cycle. To do this we work mainly in partnership with trade, commerce, industry, local authorities and dual recycling systems. We provide support every step of the way from collection, transportation and processing to the supply of high-quality recyclates.

With innovative technologies and our own know-how we are constantly developing new opportunities for utilization and recycling, pursuing our goal of creating an optimal recovery chain. In this way we contribute to the greatest possible industrial value creation. With 12 German and four international facilities, we are one of the most versatile recycling groups in Europe.


Reiling MS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG recycles more than 100.000 t/a of waste wood in one of Germany’s most modern facilities.


Roland Pohl

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Quality Management
Reiling MS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG


Project assignment

  • Sorting and mechanical pre-treatments of waste wood fractions

  • selection criteria

  • LCIA Data Mapping

  • Microeconomic assessment