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VTT is the largest internationally networked R&D centre for applied research in Northern Europe, harnessing high technology to develop scientific solutions for sustainable development and creating new business opportunities. VTT’s mission is to produce research and innovation services that enhance the international competitiveness of companies, society and other customers as well as to create the prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment and wellbeing.

VTT has focused its activities based on strong vision for industrial exploitation and customer potential in Finland, potential to achieve global technology excellence level, building on multidisciplinary approach and taking into account the global RD competence situation and VTT’s investment capabilities. VTT has three business areas: Knowledge intensive products and services (KIPS), Smart industry and energy systems (IND) and Solutions for natural resources and environment (SONE). SONE business area aims to be one of the global key players in the fields of bioeconomy and cleantech through networking with the best international partners. 

In SONE the main target is to develop innovations for industrial ecosystems support the utilization of natural resources. Industrial biotechnology, biofuel and bioenergy concepts, biomass and food processing technologies as well as process technology and environmental engineering are the core research focus areas. The research is supported by unique lab and pilot infrastructure in chemical processing, industrial biotechnology, biofuel production as well as fibre and composite technologies. The focus of ReWoBioRef, i.e. development of biomass fractionation technologies and utilisation of the cellulosic fibres, as well as lignin and hemicellulose side-streams in added-value products, is among the key research topics in the SONE research area.

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Tiina Liitiä
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Tel. +358-40-7552387
Research Team Leader
Biomass Architecture,
Biomass and Food processing

Project assignment

VTT’s role in the project is to develop pretreatment methods for valorisation of recycled wood fractions in added-value bioproducts.

  • Alkaline oxidation and steam explosion will be studied as a means to produce well hydrolysable fibers from recycled wood for bioethanol production.

  • The side-stream lignin and hemicellulose fractions will be recovered for material purposes, aiming to utilise lignin in biobased hot-melt adhesives, and hemicelluloses as biobased surfactants.