Work Package 5

Transnational dissemination activities

Wide dissemination and technology transfer activities to ensure the full exploitation of the results will be carried out in this workpackage. The active involvement of different industries and associations in the project, representing the sectors of wood recycling, biorefinery and chemical industry and being active along the entire value chain will ensure wide exploitation with direct industrial objectives and potentials. A Plan for the Use and Dissemination of the Foreground (PUDF) will be prepared in an early project phase and kept updated with progress and intentions of exploitation and commercialization. The PUDF will take into account the following actions (during both the duration and when the project is finished):

  • Publication in scientific, commercial and trade journals
  • Participation in and presentation of project at international scientific and industrial conferences and fairs, e.g. IFAT, ISWFPC, and EWLP.
  • Presentations and discussions of the projects results at regular events of the partnering industrial associations to disseminate among members, which have not signed the CA of the consortium¬†
  • The project website will be developed and frequently updated. After the project the website will be used as a dissemination tool for major results and findings. It will provide an excellent communication tool among partners and can help further in the exploitation of the technical, economic and social objectives, the expected results and non-confidential project results.

     Workpackage Leader

    Mizi Fan; Seyed Ghaffar

    Brunel University London